Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Band Boosters

The booster club is vital to the success of this band program. Its duties include facilitating fundraising activities, chaperoning band events, and providing food for students at band activities. The following outlines the structure of this organization.

Booster Club Executive Board
  • President - Oversees all booster committees and functions, and communicates directly with the band director.
  • Vice President - Assists the president in leading the booster club.
  • President Elect - Assists the president and vice president, observes functions as a potential future president.
  • Secretary - Records and distributes meeting minutes, in charge of keeping meetings "on track."
  • Treasurer - Keeps track of finances, assists director with budget development.

Booster Club Committees
  • Operations - Organizes/facilitates equipment transportation and set-up.
  • Ways and Means - Helps develop and implement fundraising events and projects.
  • Media - Communicates information about band events and achievements to local media.
  • Grants - Assists the director in writing grants by providing information about needs and goals.
  • Transportation - Provides a means (a truck and/or trailer) of transporting equipment.

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