Saturday, February 25, 2012


Band members should keep in mind that there are responsibilities that go along with the privilege of school-provided transportation. While traveling on the bus, please adhere to the following policies:

1. Because bus transportation is funded by the band program and the school district, only band members, chaperones, and designated staff are permitted to ride the bus. No extra “friends.”

2. The bus driver ultimately has the responsibility and authority while you are on the bus. If he/she gives instructions about anything, you should comply. Chaperones will help enforce any rules from the driver.

3. Students will sit with no more than two passengers occupying a seat. Seat partners must be of the same sex.

4. Faculty, staff, and chaperones have the right to move individuals to another seat for any reason they deem valid. Chaperones are on the trips to help with discipline and students are expected to cooperate. Chaperones also are representatives of the band and school and are expected to demonstrate patience and maturity while working with students on the bus.

5. You are ultimately responsible for your own behavior. General behavior expectations apply:

a. Pick up your trash!

b. Keep hands and arms inside the bus at all times.

c. Excessively loud or boisterous behavior should be avoided.

d. Stay in your seat unless you have a very good reason for moving.

e. Comply with all adults that help with the band.

f. Be courteous at all times.

Should a student choose not to follow these guidelines, individual and/or group consequences will be administered as deemed appropriate.

All students are required to meet at the high school parking lot and ride the buses provided. THIS IS SCHOOL POLICY! If you want to ride home with your parents or legal guardians, you must follow these guidelines:

1. When the band is ready to depart, your parent/guardian must personally talk to the director and then sign the parent/guardian release form.

2. You are not excused from your obligation until the full band is excused.

3. You may ONLY ride home with a parent or guardian. Permission will not be granted to neighbors, older brothers/sisters, friends, etc.

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