Saturday, February 25, 2012

Expectations and Consequences


Be responsible.

  • Be on time to and prepared for all rehearsals and performances. (Bring all necessary materials listed above.) This means you should have your instrument assembled, music out, and be in your assigned seat ready to begin at the time class is scheduled to start. Individual warm-up exercises may take place until the director steps onto the podium.
  • Resolve conflicts in a positive, professional way.
  • Ask appropriate questions.
  • Adhere to performance dress code, and take pride in your appearance.

Be open-minded.

  • Work energetically with your ALL of your fellow musicians to reach goals.
  • Communicate with teachers and peers in positive ways.
  • Be accepting of different types of music. There is something to learn from EVERY piece we study.

Be respectful.

  • Respect other students’ rights to learn and the teacher’s right to teach.
  • Respect music resources and the belongings of others. YOU are responsible for keeping track of, maintaining, and properly storing your instrument, equipment, and music (this includes school-owned instruments and equipment). Use of any equipment that is not your own requires permission from the director.
  • Participate fully in every rehearsal and performance.
  • Follow instructions the first time, and follow the conductor.
  • Respect the learning environment by not bringing food, drinks (other than water), gum, or electronic devices to class.


Students who choose not to follow one or more of the classroom expectations can expect one or more of the following consequences to occur:

  • Verbal/nonverbal reprimand
  • Student conference
  • Detention
  • Restriction on participation in events (i.e., concert, festival, etc.)
  • Parent contact/conference
  • In-school or out-of-school suspension

*The teacher will administer consequences as she deems appropriate in each individual situation.

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