Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Roles of the Band Student and Parent

Duties of the Band Member:
  • Follow all classroom expectations and procedures as outlined in the band handbook.
  • Approach rehearsal and performance with a positive attitude.
  • Make responsible choices inside and outside the classroom.
  • Work toward musical improvement daily (this includes practicing outside of class!).
  • Strive for good academic standing in all other coursework.
  • Demonstrate individual musical insight (play musically).

Role of the Band Parent:
  • Be aware of policies and procedures outlined in the handbook. Make sure these are followed, and that the agreement form is signed and returned.
  • Ensure that his or her student is present at all band functions.
  • Encourage behavior that promotes musical development (daily practicing!).
  • Contact the band director if any questions or issues arise.
  • Monitor students' care of their instrument. Realize that repair to school-owned instruments can be expensive!
  • Keep up-to-date on the band schedule of events.
  • Support his or her student in their musical endeavors, and acknowledge achievement and hard work.
  • Be willing to provide some assistance at band events. Our wonderful booster club provides most assistance, but we may occasionally need some extra hands! Willing volunteers are always invited to e-mail the director!

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