High School Band Sample Lesson Plan

Time: 50 minutes

Rehearsal Objective: To improve intonation and enhance expressive dynamic contrast in contest literature.

1.  Set-up and instrument assembly.

2.  Announcements.
     --Basketball game on Friday.
     --Review basketball game schedule/playing procedures.
     --Jazz band performance next week.

3.  Warm-up.
     --Long tones on concert Bb major scale (drone on "do").
     --Tuning: Listening, address major issues that require adjustment.
     --Compound meter Eb major scale (varied rhythms and articulations).
     --Sight-read simple chorale, focusing on phrasing.

4.  Literature rehearsal: march.
     --Focus on the coda section, then run the entire piece.
     --Be prepared to isolate flutes and piccolo parts.

5.  Literature rehearsal: programmatic piece (arrangement based on a folk song)
     --Concentrate on middle legato section.
     --Focus on phrasing, dynamics, intonation, and blend.

6.  Put away instruments.
     --Play professional recording of the march piece as students are disassembling
       their instruments and preparing to leave.