Saturday, February 25, 2012

Financial Obligations

High school band students will be financially responsible for the following:
Band instrument
A student may purchase their own instrument or rent one from the school. Percussionists will be expected to purchase or rent their sticks and mallets. (Refer to the handbook sections on instrument rental, instrument/mouthpiece information, and percussion accessories.)

Stick bag (percussionists)

Method books
Students taking private lessons will need to purchase their own instrument-specific
method book. Please see the handbook section on method books for specific information.

Reeds (for clarinets, oboes, saxophones, and bassoons)
Reed instrument students should have at least three reeds at all times.

Band t-shirt
The band t-shirt will be the "uniform" for pep band games and other performances.
T-shirts cost $20 each. Parents are welcome to purchase shirts for themselves as well. Ordering forms will be distributed by the director.

Long khaki pants
Along with the band t-shirt, this will comprise the uniform for pep band games and other
performances. Khakis should be "nice"--no rips, tears, holes, patches, or anything that
would make the student wearing them stand out from the group.

Marching shoes
These cost $25 per pair, and are part of the standard band uniform. The director will collect sizing information during band camp.

Lyre and flip folder
These will be necessary for rehearsals and possibly performances. These can be
purchased at a music store at low cost.

Valve oil
All valved instruments (trumpet, cornet, French horn, mellophone, tuba, Sousaphone,
baritone, euphonium) should have this at rehearsals. Valve oil can be purchased at a music

Slide grease (trombones)
This can also be purchased at music stores. Trombone students should bring it to all

While the booster club and school provides for many of these needs, students should
expect to pay for some meals at events such as athletic events and festivals.

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